Psalm 95 and the National Christian Choir

For some time now on Sunday nights our home has enjoyed the beautiful music of “The National Christian Choir” directed by Dr.C. Harry Causey. Moody radio (heard in our area on WGNB, Zeeland, MI) carries their weekly radio program “Psalm 95”, which is described thus on their website:

In 2002 “Psalm 95” began as a weekly radio program, hosted by Founder and Music Director, C. Harry Causey, featuring the recordings of The National Christian Choir, the Word of God, and inspirational commentary.  It’s an hour of celebration, adoration, and inspiration–all designed to draw the listener closer to our Lord.

And here is a little information about the choir itself:

Founded by Dr. C. Harry Causey and located in Washington, DC, the National Christian Choir ministers through concerts, recordings, tours, and radio. We present 10-12 concerts each year throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. We tour within America once each year and internationally once every five years. We have a rich library of recordings, all available at this site, with new recordings added annually.   Our radio program, “Psalm 95”, is a weekly hour of inspiration featuring the music of The Choir and commentary by Dr. Harry Causey.  It’s heard throughout North America and internationally.

Because one of my passions is to promote good music for Christians, I have decided to post a link to their website on my blog (under “Sermons/Music”). From there you may also listen to this “Psalm 95” program via the internet, especially if you cannot get it on the radio in your area. My experience has been that their music is God-glorifying and soul-edifying. I pray you find it so too. CJT

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