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Due to work obligations in northern Michigan, I will be away from my PC and WordPress for a few days. So, no posts for a day or so. Quit pouting. But don’t quit reading! I’ll be back. D.V.

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Who Needs Marriage? TIME Asked the Question — Do You Have an Answer?

Al Mohler has another interesting commentary on the recent study and report on marriage in this country that was done by Time and the Pew Research Center. Though he makes a wrong and unnecessary reference to “common grace” in his comments (marriage is, in fact, a good gift of God, also to the unbelieving, but it becomes a curse to them when they abuse His gift and refuse to follow His rules for it – that can hardly be called “grace” – not even if it is “common”!), still he has worthwhile things to say. And his summary of the study on marriage is indeed revealing. So, read discerningly; understand the report in the light of Scripture (your good, Calvinist “glasses”); and yes, commit to answering Time‘s question with good Reformed reasons. CJT

Here’s the opening to Mohler’s blog commentary:

“When an institution so central to human experience suddenly changes shape in the space of a generation or two, it’s worth trying to figure out why.” Belinda Luscombe of TIME magazine made that observation in the course of reporting on a major study of marriage undertaken by TIME and the Pew Research Center. In the cover story for the magazine’s November 29, 2010 edition, Luscombe summarizes their findings with a blunt statement: “What we found is that marriage, whatever its social, spiritual, or symbolic appeal, is in purely practical terms just not as necessary as it used to be.”

Without doubt, marriage has been utterly transformed in the modern world. In Western nations, the concept of marriage as a sacred covenant has given way to the idea that marriage is merely a legal contract. The limitation of sexual intercourse to marriage went the way of the Sexual Revolution, even as the ideal of permanence gave way to no-fault divorce and serial monogamy. And as for monogamy, that may be on shaky ground, too. These days, you can’t take anything for granted. – Who Needs Marriage? TIME Asked the Question — Do You Have an Answer?.