The Earthquake and Tsunami n Japan – Blogs

The big news these past few days has been the devastating earthquake in Japan. On WordPress there was a link to CNN’s blog “This Just In”, which I have linked to below. There are pictures, videos, and commentary on the incredible devastation. God has spoken through His power and wrath again, and we need to be still and know that He is God. And that He is a refuge for all who trust in Him (Ps.46). May His people in that country also see and know His mighty hand of mercy.


Hundreds dead, injured in 8.9 quake, tsunami n JapanThis Just In – Blogs.

March Madness! CCHS Boys Basketball District Champs

A final time-out

Last night Covenant Christian High (Grand Rapids, MI) took the District crown in the Michigan boys basketball tournament at Calvin Christian. It has been a few years since this happened – since we moved up to Class C we’ve struggled to get by the Squires of Calvin Christian. It was not a pretty game – low scoring, lots of fouls, and turnovers – but the Chargers prevailed against Wyoming Lee 46-24. CCHS played outstanding defense and took Lee out of any offensive rhythm. Lee was obviously frustrated, and it showed on the players and coaching staff. I was impressed with the composure and sportsmanship of our young men. Congratulations, Chargers and Coach Haveman!


I took a few pics with my Blackberry to share here. CCHS will next play Monday night at Ravenna HS against Ithaca. If they continue in the tournament, they may run into the undefeated Blackhawks of Fennville, the team so much in the news lately after the death of their star player in its last regular season game last week. That would be something. Go Chargers!

Free throws at end of game

Sportsmanlike handshake with Lee at end of game










Team receiving individual medals

Team and fans enjoy the district trophy

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