Deadly tornadoes strike again – The Big Picture –

Deadly tornadoes strike again – The Big Picture –


A deadly spring continued in the American South and Midwest as more tornadoes cut swaths of destruction through Missouri and Minnesota. The death toll in Joplin, Mo. was near 100 and expected to rise. As much as 30 percent of the town was damaged. In Minneapolis, a tornado killed one resident as it caused heavy damage and led to school closures and a curfew. The death toll from 2011 tornadoes stands now at 455, the deadliest year for tornados since 1953. — Lane Turner (24 photos total)


It was another tragic week of ferocious tornadoes in the Midwest (Joplin, MO and Minneapolis, MN). This latest collection from the Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture” captures the devastating impact of these storms. Looking at these images as Christians, we are struck again by the power of God and the fierceness of His anger (who can stand before Him?!). We are humbled to know we have been delivered in Christ by pure grace from the  greater destruction we deserve. And this also comes to mind: Christ may not have come in the way Harold Camping thought this past weekend, but our Lord continues His victorious march to the end of this world. Of this too, these tornadoes (and all the “groanings” of creation) are a sign (Romans 8). May we hear the Lamb’s roar and keep ourselves in His love as we await His return in glory.

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