A Manly Handshake: An Illustrated Guide

A Manly Handshake: An Illustrated Guide | The Art of Manliness.


And for our final Friday Fun item we include this fine illustration of a manly handshake from “The Art of Manliness” blog. We’ve all had that “limp fish” handshake where the person’s hand felt like a wet noodle in our hand. And the “death grip” handshake, where you feel like the bones in your hand will be crushed! Well, what we need to develop is the “web touch” handshake. O, and pay attention to your eyes too! Real men look the person in the eye! You might want to practice before you get to church on Sunday.  🙂


Click on the (lower) link above to see the illustration.

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Evolutionary Satire: An Alternate Beginning

Catechism Buzz: An Alternate Beginning | the NEW Calvinist Gadfly!.


As part of our Friday Fun feature and as a followup to my posts yesterday about the importance of the doctrine of creation to the Christian faith, I link you to this “alternative” reading of Genesis 1 posted at the blog of a serious Presbyterian who was simply having fun at the expense of evolutionists. Yes, it’s a serious message – just cast in a rather satiric form! Want a taste of what you will find? Here goes:


1 Fifteen billion years ago, give or take, WHWH* watched the heavens begin to form. Earth would come later.
2 (This verse left intentionally blank to allow for date changes due to mathematical, scientific, or philosophical error)
3 The spirit of Weh-weh hovered in the midst of the aftermath of the Big Bang and said, “Since Time’s already underway, let there be Chance!” Chance was already there too.
4 And Weh-weh attempted to separate the Time from the Chance, but they could not be separated. And Weh-weh cried, “Nooooooooooo!”
5 And there was Time, and there was Chance, one Aeon.

6 Some billions of years later, Weh-weh noticed that the earth had formed somewhere in the lower left of the heavens.
7 Since there was carbon in its primordial soup, Weh-weh sought to persuade Time and Chance to get to work making some proteins so there could be life.
8 Time and Chance said, “This could take a few billion years.” And Weh-weh cried, “Nooooooooooo!”
9 And there was Time, and there was Chance, the second Aeon.


Click on the (small) link under my heading to read the rest.

P.S. If you want the truth of the matter, read the Westminster Confession at the top of his page!

Rare! The ol’ 9-3 putout – MLB Blog – Yahoo! Sports

Rare! Jeff Francoeur gets A’s rookie with the ol’ 9-3 putout – Big League Stew – MLB Blog – Yahoo! Sports.


How many times have you witnessed a 9-3 putout in baseball? Probably not many times. That’s when the right fielder throws the baserunner out at first base! It is indeed a rare feat, but it happened in a major league game this week Wednesday between the KC Royals and the Oakland Athletics. Read about it and watch the video at the link above. I imagine this rookie caught a lot of ribbing when he got back to the dugout! That’s why we were always told to run full speed to first – no matter what!

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