“Are Only Some Words of Scripture Breathed Out By God?”

Grudem’s Essay, “Are Only Some Words of Scripture Breathed Out By God?” | For His Renown.


Since I’m on a Scripture and Bible translation/version “track” of late, I found this blog post to be important for the continuing debate about what makes a good Bible translation, and for the controversy over gender-neutral language in the newer translations (NIV). You will not only want to read this blogger’s summary of Wayne Grudem’s essay found in the book Translating Truth: the Case for Essentially Literal Bible Translation (Crossway, 2005), you will also want to click on the link and read the essay for yourself. Well worth the time. This blog sets the stage this way:


Grudem’s thesis is in the sub-title of the essay: Why Plenary Inspiration Favors ‘Essentially Literal’ Bible Translation.

Grudem writes:

‘I will argue in this chapter (1) that the Bible repeatedly claims that every one of its words (in the original languages) is a word spoken to us by God, and is therefore of utmost importance; and (2) that this fact provides a strong argument in favor of “essentially literal” (or “word-for-word”) translation as opposed to “dynamic equivalent” (or “thought-for-thought”) translation.’

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