What’s Wrong with Theistic Evolution? – Kevin DeYoung

What’s Wrong with Theistic Evolution? – Kevin DeYoung.

On this Tuesday we will stay with a creation theme, and also post this fine 8-point summary by Wayne Grudem on why theistic evolution is at odds with the Bible and the historic Christian faith. With the historicity of Adam and Eve the current “hot button” in theistic evolutionary circles (so-called Christian science), this is a crucial matter for us who believe in the truth of literal creation (according to a literal/historical interpretation of Genesis 1-3) to face and be prepared to defend. At the end, pastor Kevin De Young gives his own conclusions (posted April 19, 2012).

Listed below are eight problems Wayne Grudem finds with theistic evolution. I realize he may not be an authority on these matters, but in typical fashion he distills the main points nicely and explain succinctly what unbiblical conclusions we must reach for theistic evolution to be true.

(1) Adam and Eve were not the first human beings, but they were just two Neolithic farmers among about ten million other human beings on earth at that time, and God just chose to reveal himself to them in a personal way.

(2) Those other human beings had already been seeking to worship and serve God or gods in their own ways.

(3) Adam was not specially formed by God of ‘dust from the ground’ (Gen. 2:7) but had two human parents.

(4) Eve was not directly made by God of a ‘rib that the Lord God had taken from the man’ (Gen. 2:22), but she also had two human parents.

(5) Many human beings both then and now are not descended from Adam and Eve.

(6) Adam and Eve’s sin was not the first sin.

(7) Human physical death had occurred for thousands of years before Adam and Eve’s sin–it was part of the way living things had always existed.

(8) God did not impose any alteration in the natural world when he cursed the ground because of Adam’s sin. (Should Christians Embrace Evolution?, 9)

These are other questions theistic evolution raises for the Bible believing Christian. How can we uphold the special dignity and majesty the Bible accords human beings when we are only qualitatively different from other life forms and continuous with the rest of the animal world? How can God impute sin and guilt to all humans along the lines of federal headship when some of us have no physical connection with Adam? Likewise, if we are not all descended literally from one pair, how can we all have an ontological connection with Christ who only assumed the flesh of Adam’s race?

Of course, these problems are no problems at all (conceptually) without the Bible to account for. But theistic evolution purports to bring together the evolutionary consensus and a faithful doctrine of creation. That’s the whole appeal. And yet, I don’t see how the two are compatible, whether Adam really existed or not.

Estimating the Expanse of our Universe

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This is a great slide show of objects to scale in the attempt to estimate the size of the universe (developed by Carl Huang, 2012). After it has loaded (click on the above link), use your mouse scroll button to expand out farther and farther into the known universe – and pay attention to the measurements! In creation’s expanse, finite in itself, is revealed the infinity of our great God, Whose Being and glory have no bounds. View this graphic in the light of Psalm 8 – indeed, His glory is above the heavens!