Why Wrigley Field Must Be Destroyed – WSJ.com

Why Wrigley Field Must Be Destroyed – WSJ.com.

From the Wall Street Journal (May 15, 2012) comes this piece about what must be done to Wrigley Field if the Chicago Cubs are ever to become the “loveable winners”. Writer Rich Cohen believes he has the only answer to the “Cubs curse” – total annihilation of Wrigley Field. 😦  What brazen boldness is this?! What arrogant audacity! This loyal Cubs fan, for one, is not convinced in the least. In fact, I believe Cohen’s call is nothing but a cop-out, a  call for self-destruction and utter hopelessness, not improvement and hopefulness. I understand the frustration and the desire for real hope for the Cubbies. And yes, I will grant that Cohen has produced a well-written piece (notice his biblical allusions). But destroy Wrigley Field?! One might as well ask for the destruction of the Library of Congress because of all the poor books that are read today! No, we have deeper issues than the place where they play. But we are making progress. I think.

Here’s part of what he had to say; read the rest at the link above.

Having not won a World Series since 1908, and having last appeared on that stage in 1945—a war year in which the professional leagues were still populated by has-beens and freaks—the Chicago Cubs must contemplate the only solution that might restore the team to glory: Tear down Wrigley Field.

Destroy it. Annihilate it. Collapse it with the sort of charges that put the Sands Hotel out of its misery in Vegas. Implosion or explosion, get rid of it. That pile of quaintness has to go. Not merely the structure, but the ground on which it stands.

I’m a Roman, and to me, the expanse between Waveland and Addison on Chicago’s North Side is Carthage. The struts and concessions, the catwalk where the late broadcaster Harry Caray once greeted me with all the fluid liquidity of an animatronic Disneyland pirate—Hello, Cubs fan!—the ramps that ascend like a ziggurat to heaven—it’s a false heaven—the bases, trestles, ivy, wooden seats and bleachers, the towering center-field scoreboard—all of it must be ripped out and carried away like the holy artifacts were carried out of the temple in Jerusalem, heaped in a pile and burned. Then the ground itself must be salted, made barren, covered with a housing project, say, a Stalinist monolith, so never again will a shrine arise on that haunted block. As it was with Moses, the followers and fans, though they search, shall never find its bones.

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Classic Books with Phantom Covers (Round 2)

Can You Guess These Classic Books From Their Phantom Covers (Round 2)? « PWxyz.

From “Publisher’s Weekly” (May 23, 2012) comes Round Two (see my April 27, 2012 post for Round One) of the “guess the classic book by its cover”. Click on this link to get started. Enjoy! And once again, in this little contest are some ideas for “classic” summer reading 🙂

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Top 10 Most Read Books in the World – Justin Taylor

Top 10 Most Read Books in the World – Justin Taylor.

Justin Taylor (“Between Two Worlds” blog) placed this interesting post on May 4, 2012. It is a simple graphic with numbers, so I will let you go to the link (above). But before you do, make a list of at least five books that you think would be on this list. And then, which one would you place as #1? Hint: this covers only the last 50 years. I think you will be surprised. But not if you are in touch with what’s been popular in the last 10 years, especially with children and young adults (And there’s your second hint.) 🙂 O, the #1 most read book is quite encouraging, especially for Christians (Now, you’d better not miss that one!). Enjoy this first part of our Friday fun!

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