Now this looks like a great festival! Celebrating a great Michigan author. And visit this incredible home. Not that far away – any takers? Plenty of good links here to give you more information. Enjoy! CJT

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June 2012 Christian Bestsellers: Review and Cringe

June 2012 Christian Bestsellers: Adult, Children’s and Young Adult, Bibles.

Publisher’s Weekly (May 23, 2012) reports on the June 2012 bestsellers in various categories of Christian literature according to the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Lists such as these make me cringe because of the poor literature that Christians are reading and making popular. But at least it tells us what NOT to read (in most cases – Ravi Zacharias is usually good – see title at left). So, look at the lists and learn – to be better readers! Even if you are looking for “lighter” fare for this summer, you can do better than this. See my list of bookstores on my right side-bar for some good shopping and ideas (Reformation Heritage Books, Monergism, Reformed Book Outlet, etc.).

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