How Dutch legalizing of prostitution, drugs, & euthanasia is working out

How Dutch legalizing of prostitution, drugs, & euthanasia is working out.

AmsterdamCoffeeshopFor those of us of Dutch descent, the steady moral decline of our motherland in church and state is a cause of deep sadness. Gene Veith at his blog “Cranach” (Feb.25, 2013) highlighted a recent article in the British magazine The Spectator pointing out that the Netherlands’ legalization of so much sin has not led to the result she anticipated. But then, God is not mocked. As the Scriptures teach in more than one place, one reaps what he sows (Gal.6:7). To read the full Spectator article visit the link at the end of the quote from Veith’s blog below.

The Netherlands, that once-Calvinist land, has gone farther than just about any other country in legalizing “victimless crimes,” such as prostitution, drug use, and euthanasia.  Now that country is facing the unintended consequences, including an upsurge in organized crime, social squalor, and a  deluge of sex tourists, drug tourists, and death tourists (who only buy a one-way ticket).

From Julie Bindel,  Why even Amsterdam doesn’t want legal brothels » The Spectator:

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  1. The best comment: “God is not mocked,” it is and will happen in America as we fall away from the truth of the Bible.


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