“Developing ‘Culture'” – Rev.J.Laning

StandardBearerPart of our Sunday reading is always catching up on articles in The Standard Bearer, a solid Reformed magazine published by the RFPA and the unofficial periodical of the PRCA. The last issue (June, 2013) contains an article written by Rev.James Laning, pastor of the Hull PRC in Hull, IA., for the rubric “Taking Heed to the Doctrine”, to which he is a regular contributor. In it he treats the popular concept and teaching that Christians are to “develop culture”, showing that most of what is taught about this idea in Reformed and evangelical circles is contrary to Scripture and sound Reformed teaching.

I thought his article did a good job of explaining positively where culture-development takes place – and Who does it. Unfortunately Laning’s full article will not be available on the website for a few months yet, but I can give you a portion of it to show you what he has to say.

The chief means that God uses to cause people to make sound moral decisions is the preaching of the Word of God. Good works are only those that proceed from faith, and it is gospel preaching that is used by God to produce this faith.

The only ones, then, who will ever be improved morally are those who sit under gospel preaching and who genuinely receive what God says. These are the only ones who will ever make sound decisions, rejecting what is sinful and doing what is right. Those who reject what God says never, from the heart, do what is right. They are plants that will never produce a single good fruit.

And producing good fruit is what culture is supposed to be about.

So Christ is the one farmer who engages in true cultural activities. He is the only one who can and does improve people morally. He is the one who cultivates the ground, softening the hard hearts and making them receptive to the Word. Then he also is the one who sows the seed of the Word of God, which takes root in the good-soil hearts of His people, so that they produce good fruit to the glory of God’s name.

Gospel preaching is the central activity that Christ uses to promote cultural development. It is chiefly by this means that He causes us to grow spiritually, so that we turn away from that which is evil and delight to do what is right and pleasing in God’s sight (p.403).

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