A Defense of Six-Day Creation – G.I.Williamson

A Defense of Six-Day Creation.

Yesterday’s “Aquila Report” included this excellent defense of six-day creation by Rev.G.I.Williamson, a retired OPC pastor (Orthodox Presbyterian Church). It is a simple, clear, and powerful testimony to the authority and inspiration of the Bible, and an honest witness based on the historic creeds of the church, another mark of a truly Reformed man.

GIWilliamsonI am grateful for Rev.Williamson’s faithful stand and for his integrity in handling the Word of God. I pray this article receives wide distribution. No doubt it will also receive the sneers and jeers of many, including many in the “Reformed” camp. But it is not the opinions of men that count. Only God’s approval is worth anything. Below are a few paragraphs from Williamson’s article. You will find the entire piece at the link above.

I am now in my sixty-first year as a Reformed Pastor, and I am very much aware of the fact that I am not likely to have many more years of service. So, before the Lord calls me to come to his dwelling place I want to bear faithful witness concerning one of the foundational doctrines of the Bible. It is so foundational that it is the very first thing affirmed in the oldest creeds of the church: “I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth,”and “of all things visible and invisible.” The Greek word translated in English as ‘maker’ is ποιητην. In Latin it is creatorem. And the Bible itself, before it says anything else, says “in the beginning” God “created” (Hebrew bara“the heavens and the earth.” It also clearly says that he did so “in the space of six days, and all very good.”

This doctrine of six day creation was also the consensus of the theologians, ministers and elders at the Westminster Assembly. And it’s my conviction that we in the Presbyterian and Reformed community of today have lost credibility with respect to this affirmation. We still say we believe every word of the Bible including what it says about creation. We also say that we subscribe to the Westminster Standards. But the truth is that we are no longer united in what we mean when we say this.  And it is my conviction that this has seriously weakened our testimony to unbelievers.

And why does Williamson hold the position of a six-day creation? His first reason is that the Word of God teaches it plainly. Listen:

My first reason is that I’m convinced that the Genesis account of creation was given by divine inspiration; given by the one true God who knows all things, and that it was designed by him to be clearly understood by his people through all generations. This is why it is not given in technical terms, or what we call scientific terms, but is stated in words that can be understood by the unlearned as well as the learned. And it has been understood by people in all walks of life. This is possible because God’s work of creation is described as an ordinary man would describe it had he been there to see it happen.

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  1. May thanks for posting this! Those who deny the 6 day creation are thin ice.


    • Glad you appreciated it, Stuart. And a hearty “Amen” to what you say!


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