Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2013 Deals for Christians | Challies Dot Com

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2013 Deals for Christians | Challies Dot Com.

BlackFriday-1To continue my own tradition of the last few years, I reference Tim Challies’ blog post on “Black Friday” deals of special interest to Christian readers. He has compiled a terrific list already. It is good to check back with him periodically, since he will be updating this all weekend.

Remember to shop and spend wisely, as good stewards of God’s gifts. And clearly, one of the ways to do this is to get the best deals, often offered this weekend and into next Monday.

Here is the introduction to Challies’ post:


For the past few years I’ve made it a point to collect Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that may be of particular interest to Christians. While there are many places you can go online to find deals on electronics and other big-ticket items, I wanted to provide a place for Christian retailers to make their deals known to Christians who are trying to kick-start their Christmas shopping. Here’s what I’ve got so far:Note: All Kindle deals are here: Black Friday Kindle Deals for the Christian Reader.

Calvinistic Cartoons: Steampunked Church Fathers

Calvinistic Cartoons: Steampunked #2.

Of late, Mr. Eddings has been having fun making steampunked versions of major figures from church history – Spurgeon, Calvin, Luther – and now, closer yet to us Dutch Reformed folk – Louis Berkhof. To start off our “black Friday” with some dark humor from the industrial age, we post a few of these steampunked characters. And if you really need to know what this steampunking is all about, visit this page. Have a great Friday!

Steampunk LutherSteampunked Luther

Steampunk CalvinSteampunked Calvin

Steampunk BerkofSteampunked Berkhof