Book Christmas Trees

Book Christmas Trees.

No, do NOT worry, I have NOT become a Pinterest fan. I will admit, I have looked at certain pages over my wife’s shoulder, in part because my “crafty” daughters have posted things on there.

But when I wanted to do this “Friday Fun” post on Book Christmas Trees and did a Google search, well, down there on the list was this link to a Pinterest page full of them! So, I lay aside my prejudice and link you to this page full of great pictures and ideas for your very own Christmas tree made with books. Perfect for the bibliophile!

And with that, I give you a few pictures taken off the web. Enjoy!






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  1. […] heard me mention here in past years – and I have shown some spectacular pictures of – Christmas trees made out of books and placed prominently in libraries this time of the […]


  2. […] have highlighted book Christmas trees here before, but a friend recently sent me this photo of a book display found currently at the Grand […]


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