“In 2014, Heaven is Still Our Hope”

SBLogoSuch is the title Prof.Barrett Gritters gives to his editorial in the January 1, 2014 issue of the The Standard Bearer. In the face of the contemporary enemies of the gospel who speak of heaven (and hell!) as being only on this earth and in the here and now, Prof.Gritters writes about the believer’s only true hope in this world of sin, suffering and sorrow – his glorified perfection in heaven in the presence of his precious Savior.

Below is some of what he wrote. I pray that it encourages you to remember what we live for and aim for, also in 2014. A blessed New Year to you and yours!

Although I would be heckled off the podium at most Christian universities and even Reformed colleges if I began a speech with such a line, I still confess with all the conviction my heart can muster: ‘Heaven is still my hope. Heaven is still my home.’

As the year of our Lord 2014 begins, my prayer for you, readers of the the Standard Bearer, is that you still hope for heaven, too.

We look to the future and embrace what our hearts are set on: heaven. As the world becomes increasingly wicked, we await with joyful anticipation our life in the presence of God and His saints – in heaven. As the church becomes more and more apostate, caring little for biblical righteousness and less for truth, we eagerly await heaven. As we become older, our thoughts more and more turn to our future home – to heaven and dwelling in eternity with God.

This is our hope.

…The deep error of those whose hopes have gone offtrack is to ignore the truth that Jesus is coming again – physically and bodily, as He ascended (Acts 1:11). Coming again for judgment. Coming again to redeem His earthly creation. Coming to resurrect those who fell asleep in Him and to change their bodies into heavenly bodies just as He changed their souls into heavenly souls when they died (I Cor.15!). Coming soon.

This earth will be destroyed. It is not salvageable by man. The political machines of the world will not be Christianized. The court systems of this world will not mete out justice, but more and more promote wickedness and condemn the godly. And when the cup of iniquity has been filled and the people of God are persecuted for standing for truth, then believers will cry out more than they do now, ‘Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly! Rend the heavens, and come down! Deliver us from our adversaries! And justify Thyself before all those who have rejected Thee!’

The hymn was right: ‘This world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through.’

In 2014, our hope is still heaven (pp.148-151).

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