Young, Thrilled Seminary Visitors


Yesterday the 4th grade class of Mrs. Jane Woudenberg from Heritage Christian School (Hudsonville, MI) made their annual visit to the PRC Seminary. As always, we were greeted by an excited and exuberant group of nine-year olds. And we are just as excited to have them visit – though we may show that excitement in a less energetic way!

DSCN3694 A full assembly room as Sem students and 4th graders get acquainted

According to the professors and students this has become a highlight in the year, for it is not often we are privileged to have such young company (typically when our grandchildren come!) and it is such a wonderful opportunity to introduce the Seminary and its work to these young boys and girls.

DSCN3695Sem students interacting with the 4th graders

After they gathered in the main assembly room, Prof.B.Gritters gave them a talk about the nature and purpose of the Seminary. Then they were given a brief tour of the facilities, and finally ended with coffee break with the profs and students. Though I was in a meeting, I was able to catch them at the end and take a few pictures. And then, just enough time to hand them a bookmark on their way out.

Mrs.Woudenberg, John Van Baren, and Profs. Gritters and Cammenga chatting

Mrs.Woudenberg, John Van Baren, and Profs. Gritters and Cammenga chatting

Thanks for coming, 4th graders and Mrs. Woudenberg! We are thankful for your interest in and support of our Seminary in this way. And we hope that some of you boys will start thinking about whether God is calling you to the highest calling on earth (beside that of mother – and that’s for you girls!) – minister of the Word. It’s never too early to start thinking about this 🙂

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