The Law of God in Reformed Worship – Rev.C.Griess

StandardBearerAlso belonging to my Sunday reading was an article from the March 15, 2014 issue of The Standard Bearer, which tied in well with the other reading I did (See my previous post here.). This was another article in the fine series by Rev.Cory Griess, pastor of the Calvary PRC in Hull, IA, on Reformed worship. The full series is titled “O Come Let Us Worship” (from Psalm 95), while this article belonged to the sub-section titled “And God Spake All These Words”, treating the place of the law in the worship of the one, true God.

This specific article is titled “The Reading of the Law in Worship” (7b), being the second part on this subject. After defending the Reformed practice of reading the law in worship (something the PRC still consistently practices), Rev.Griess points to the practical significance of this for the Christian during his worship. From this section I quote today, trusting that it will edify you as it did me.

Is this conviction your and my experience when the Law is read? Is it read every week, and though it is not going to bring us to tears every time, do we realize what is happening when the Law of God is being read? God Himself is speaking. It is not the minister; it is God upon His mountain in all His holiness speaking to His people. This is an element of worship where, in the covenantal dialogue, God is speaking to us, declaring His sovereignty over us. He is placing upon us His holy Law in order that we might be humbled before Him. Do we use the reading of the Law this way?

Christians need to see their dependence upon Christ day by day, week after week. Part of the worship of God’s name is bringing our sins before the Lord and telling Him that we know He alone can forgive in Jesus Christ. Our worship is our dependence upon Him, and seeking His mercy. In Reformed churches that still preach through the Heidelberg Catechism regularly, God’s people hear the Ten Commandments expounded every year or two so that they might understand God’s laws and their implications for our lives. In the reading of the Law we are to put those sermons to continued spiritual use. We ought to be running the past week through our minds, seeing our sin exposed to us before the face of God in His law (277).

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