Snowstorm! No Seminary Classes Today!

Yes, you read correct. Since yesterday afternoon, we have been and still are experiencing a powerful lake-effect snow storm here in West Michigan, with strong winds and heavy bands of snow right across our area (We are under a Winter storm warning until 9 p.m. tonight!) . Already we have had close to another foot of snow (after receiving a foot last weekend!), and with the gusty winds, considerable drifting and even near blizzard conditions at times.

Therefore, late last night the faculty made the decision to cancel classes today. A wise decision under the circumstances. Most public and private schools have also made this decision. Roads are not in great condition, and we are not sure when our long, hilly Seminary driveway will be plowed out. We certainly are not the first or only customer on Oomkes’ route.

Students, we are sure, will not mind this decision. Another day to work on exegesis papers, Dogmatics readings and papers – and sermons due Friday. Professors, on the other hand, do not like to fall behind in their class lectures. But they will find a way to make them up. 🙂

Sem classes cancelled on November 18. I have no doubt this is the earliest our Seminary has been cancelled due to a snowstorm. But when the Lord of the snow and wind lays us down, we must yield to His sovereign will. And it is good. For us too.

At some point Seminary will be open today – by mid-morning for sure. If you have needs, contact the office.

Here’s the view of our back deck at present:

DSCN4213DSCN4214And a few pictures taken at Seminary this morning. In my estimation, there was more here than at home. The
Nov17-18 Snowstorm-2wind is dying down but the snow keeps coming
Nov17-18 Snowstorm-3!

Nov17-18 Snow storm-1


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