14th Annual PRC Field Day – 1938

Yesterday while browsing briefly for something else in the PRC archive cabinet, I found a folder marked “Annual Field Day”. Being curious, I peeked inside and found the program of the “Fourteenth Annual Field Day of the Protestant Reformed Churches of Grand Rapids and Vicinity” (see cover below). The date is Monday, July 4, 1938. The location that year was Brown’s Grove in Jamestown, Michigan (I wonder if this is the same as the current “Spring Grove Park” in Jamestown. Can someone help with that?).

14th PRC Field Day - 1938 - Cover & back_Page_1


I have scanned the cover and back of the program (click on the images to enlarge), on which you will find a variety of interesting events and games – from a ballgame at 10 a.m. (baseball or softball?), to several numbers by a “Holland Men’s Quartet” (ok, what men made up this group?), some Dutch Psalm-singing, a speech by Rev.H.Hoeksema on “Yankee Dutch” (I am going to try and find that speech for next time. Wouldn’t you like to know what that was about?!), a collection for The Standard Bearer, and children’s games (peanut hunting, marshmellow chewing, and donut eating among them!). Sounds like a pile of good fun and fellowship to me!

I also scanned two of the inside pages (there are a total of 10), which include the songs to be sung and some of the sponsors – the ads are quite interesting too – some familiar businesses there!

14th PRC Field Day - 1938 - inside pages with ads_Page_1

Looking at one of these programs again made me think: why don’t we revive this idea again?! And I don’t just mean in the Grand Rapids area. Why don’t the individual congregations forego their annual congregational picnic and we all combine for a major denominational Field Day? How about during the week of one of the Young Peoples’ Conventions? Maybe in the Chicago area or NW Iowa as a “central” location?

We don’t have to wait for our 100th “birthday” (2024), although that would  be a great time to do it too. How about it, can we get some people to plan such an event? Would that not be a great time promoting and displaying our churches’ unity?

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