God is God! -H.Hoeksema

The supreme and, in a sense, the only task of the church in the world is to preach the word of God. If there is a word of God to be proclaimed by the church, however, it needs to be a word that God himself speaks, and that he speaks concerning himself. If God speaks concerning himself, the basic and all-pervading note of that speech must inevitably be, ‘I am God.’

God is God. Unless the church proclaims this truth in all its implications, in all its purity, and without compromise, she cannot preach; she has nothing to say. Unless she proclaims this truth, not as one of the tenets of her faith but as the truth of all truths, not occasionally but always, she forfeits the right and lacks the power to say anything at all about man, the world, Christ, salvation, life and death, and sin and grace. It is to this supreme calling of the church that the Lord himself calls the attention of his people and enjoins upon them in Isaiah 43:12: ‘Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, that I am God.’

…The church is witness: she testifies that God is God. That is her calling. For this very purpose she was chosen and called out of the world. The fact that she is witness implies that she hears and believes the word of God. She is the recipient of revelation. When she proclaims that God is God, she does not speak of herself, but through revelation.

Knowing-God-and-Man -HHTaken from the first radio message of the Reformed Witness Hour (known as “The Protestant Reformed Hour” in its early years), delivered by Rev.Herman Hoeksema, pastor of First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI on October 12, 1941. The message was based on Isaiah 43:12 and titled “God is God.” Later, some of these first radio messages were published by the RFPA under the title Knowing God & Man (2006).

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