The Prayers of J.Calvin (3)

Back on November 23 I started to post the prayers of the great Reformer John Calvin, as these are found first of all in his lectures on Jeremiah. Last week I jumped ahead a week as we did a special post to mark the installation of our new pastor.

JCalvin1So tonight I post this third prayer of Calvin, but from his second lecture on Jeremiah, which covers vss.8-12. Along with that, I include part of his lecture, in which he speaks of our duty to obey God’s call in spite of whatever weakness and insufficiency we see in ourselves.

Good thoughts with which to begin our week in His service, whatever our calling and station may be.

And it is especially necessary to know this doctrine (in connection with the call of Jeremiah): for as we ought to undertake nothing without considering what our strength is, so when God enjoins anything, we ought immediately to obey his word as it were with closed eyes. …For whence is it that many have so much audacity and boldness, except that they hurry on through extreme self-confidence?

Hence in all undertakings, this should be the first thing, that every one should weigh well his own strength, and take in hand what comports with the measure of his capacity. Then no one would foolishly obtrude himself, and arrogate to himself more than what is right. But when God calls us, we ought to obey, however deficient we may in all things be….

And then this prayer at the end:

Grant, Almighty God, that since thou art pleased kindly to invite us to thyself, and hast consecrated thy word for our salvation, — O grant that we may willingly, and from the heart, obey thee, and become so teachable, that what thou hast designed for our salvation may not turn to our perdition; but may that incorruptible seed by which thou dost regenerate us into a hope of the celestial life so drive its root into our hearts, and bring forth fruit, that thy name may be glorified; and may we be so planted in the courts of thine house, that we may grow and flourish, and that fruit may appear through the whole course of our life, until we shall at length enjoy that blessed life which is laid up for us in heaven, through Christ our Lord. — Amen.

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  1. Love the snowflakes!


  2. Beautiful, and especially meaningful at this time. Thank-you!


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