Sherlock Holmes for the masses | Book Patrol

Sherlock Holmes for the masses | Book Patrol.

Study in Scarlet - DoyleOn December 1 “Book Patrol” carried this note about the first publication of Sir Arthur Canon Doyle’s detective stories featuring Sherlock Holmes.

If you were like me and were introduced to these stories in childhood, you will rejoice to know Doyle’s books are now in the public domain. And you will be happy, then, to introduce them to your older children – with discretion, of course. I still have my old collection of Holmes’ detective exploits.

Good writing makes for good reading. And good reading for good thinking skills. Even at Christmas. 🙂 Perhaps a classic set is in order this year.

Here’s the opening part of “BP”‘s post. At the bottom of the post are the links to places where you can buy rare and new titles of these classic stories.

It was this time of year in 1887 when we got our first taste. 

A Study of Scarlet, originally titled A Tangled Skein, was published by Ward Lock & Co. in Beeton’s Christmas Annual 1887.

A. Conan Doyle got £25 for the story and the world was introduced to Sherlock Holmes.

He has since gone on to become the most famous literary character on the planet.

And last month when the U.S. Supreme court refused to hear an appeal by the estate of Arthur Conan Doyle over licensing fees Sherlock Holmes has finally come to rest in the public domain.

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