14 Best Books of 2014 | T.Reinke

14 Best Books of 2014 | Desiring God.

The lists of “best books” are starting to roll in on various blogs and websites. I will begin posting the ones that I am interested in and that I believe will be of benefit to you.

This is Tony Reinke’s list for 2014, posted at “Desiring God”. As always, his “best” or favorites may not be mine, but they are still profitable to see and be aware of.

Here is part of the introduction to his list, along with his first pick. Find the rest at the link above:

In 2014, delicious non-fiction Christian titles ran off presses like hot donuts rolling off the assembly line at Krispy Kreme. As I narrowed my list of finalists down (to about five dozen!), it dawned on me that I should begin with thanks to the wise and dedicated writers, editors, and publishers who brought us such an excellent offering. Thank you!

The bibliophilic bounty makes choosing my top list difficult (in a fun way). I pulled it off by using my scientifically subjective algorithm of intuition about what books I think (1) serve the widest crowd, (2) offer the most unique insights, (3) and seem to promise the most enduring impact in the years ahead.

Here’s my top 14 (with 14 runners-up).

Top 14 Books of 2014

1. Tim Keller, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God (Dutton). Unique, fresh, and deeply rooted in history — this book is vintage Keller in his most carefully researched and most Reformed self. In part, it’s a celebration of the rich tradition of prayer enjoyed by our forefathers. But its greatest strength is the use of Scripture to frame the prayer life (a bulk of the book is about how Scripture is essential to it). When I finished this book, it instantly topped this year’s book list. Reformed to the core, practical, comprehensive, God-centered, Christ-focused, and joy-saturated — the book is rich on many levels. (And be sure to read the footnotes, where you’ll discover a second book of bonus content!)

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