The Prayers of J.Calvin (4)

Praying with calvin- JeremiahThe next prayer of John Calvin that we post follows his third lecture on the prophecy of Jeremiah. This lecture covers vss.13-17, in which God calls His prophet to bring His Word of judgment against Judah for her sins and charges him not to fear the people or shrink from his duty to bring that harsh Word.

At the end of that lecture Calvin has this wider application for all of us and not only for God’s heralds:

This passage contains a useful doctrine, from which we learn that strength shall never be wanting to God’s servants, while they derive courage from the conviction that God himself is the author of their calling and become thus magnanimous; for God will then supply them with strength and courage invincible, so as to render them formidable to the whole world: but if they be unhinged and timid, and turn here and there, and be influenced by the fear of men, God will render them base and contemptible, and make them to tremble at the least breath of air, and they shall be wholly broken down….

And then follows this fitting prayer:

Grant, Almighty God, that as thou hast been once pleased to fortify thy servant Jeremiah with the invincible power of thy Spirit, – O grant that his doctrine may at this day make us humble. and that we may learn willingly to submit to thee, and so to receive and even cordially to accept what thou offerest to us by thy servant – to sustain us by thine hand, and that we, relying on thy power and protection, may fight against the world and against Satan, while each of us, in his vocation, so recumbs on thy power, as not to hesitate, whenever necessary, to expose our very life to dangers: and may we manfully fight and persevere in our warfare to the end, until having finished our course we shall at length come to that blessed rest which is reserved for us in heaven, through Christ our Lord. – Amen.

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