PRC Archives – 1967 Seminary Catalog

Among the items Rev.Gise Van Baren recently gave to the PRC archives was a manila envelope containing various PRC Seminary programs and catalogs. And one of the first complete catalogs was one authorized by the PRC Synod of 1966 and published on March 1, 1967 (I do love it when special publications are dated so carefully! That is crucial to the archiving process. Please keep that in mind, churches and societies!).

1967 PRC Sem Catalog

This catalog is so complete it even includes a “Table of Contents”:

  • Description of the Seminary
  • Faculty
  • Former Professors
  • Admission of students
  • Curriculum
  • Calendar
  • Description of courses
  • Consitution of the Theological School (not the same as the Consitution of the Theological School Committee – cf. the link at the bottom of this Seminary website page)

In the “description” part is found this significant paragraph:

A complete course in all the branches of theology is offered. As appears from the catalogue, the emphasis in the curriculum is on Dogmatics and Exegesis. This is not without good reason. Dogmatics is important inasmuch as all the life of the Church flows out of sound doctrine and a clear and concise understanding of the faith ‘once delivered to the saints.’ Sound and effective preaching is preaching of the truth. But Exegesis is no less important inasmuch as there can be no Dogmatics except the truth be gleaned from Holy Writ. The strength of the Church of Christ is her preaching; and the strength of her preaching is exegesis since the Word of God alone must form the content of all the preaching of the gospel.

A good reminder of what our Seminary continues to emphasize and why our curriculum has not fundamentally changed in the nearly 50 years since this was published. In fact, this exact paragraph remains in our current Seminary catalog.

I thought you might also enjoy this page of the faculty and former professors.

1967 PRC Sem Catalog-2

Archiving is always interesting and exciting work. We are grateful for all the items we receive from our ministers and from our members. Be sure to contact the Seminary if you have any items of interest for our denominational archives. We appreciate every donation!

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  1. I, with others, was the first to go to sem under this new program. It was an accelerated program due to the shortage of ministers in the PRC.


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