Our Third Seminary Library Guessing Contest!

Guessing ContestToday for our second “Friday Fun” post I also announce our third Seminary Library guessing contest! I can hardly believe it has been two years since our last one, when I had you guess the value of the library based on our insurance coverage.

This year’s end-of-year contest involves guessing the total number of resources added to the Seminary library in 2014 – that includes not only books but also new magazines/journals, CDs and DVDs, etc.

I can tell you it was a goodly number, in part because of some large donations/acquisitions of books and because my focus has been incorporating the Letis collection of books into the main library (nearly completed). I will tell you it was between 1000 and 3000 materials. That is the only help you will receive. 🙂


As always, our contest prize will be a few book and Seminary related items. We will run the contest for one week, starting today and running through next Friday at noon (Jan.2, 2015). So get your guesses in, whether by “comment” at the bottom of this post, or via email (I would prefer the comment section). How many resources do you think we added this year, 2014?

And in case you are wondering, through my library software program (ResourceMate) I can generate reports that give me the exact number of items added this year. So I won’t have to do much counting. 🙂


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Straight from the baby’s mouth | Book Patrol

Straight from the baby’s mouth | Book Patrol.

Talk about a fascinating book title and layout! Here’s one from a mother whose son placed 64 objects in his mouth between a span of seven months. She saved, photographed, and published 63 of these items in a book, appropriately titled 63 Objects Taken From My Son’s Mouth.

63 Objects-Lenka-1Book Patrol carried the story of this title and I share it with you for one of our “Friday Fun” items today. Here’s the “BP” introduction along with a photo taken of some of the items laid out en masse.

Follow the link above to find out more about this poor mother and her voracious son. I am sure there are many mothers who can identify with this mom.

From the time when her son was 11 months old until he turned 18 months Lenka Clayton extracted 64 objects from his mouth.

63 of them are represented in this brilliant visual catalog, 63 Objects Taken from My Son’s Mouth.

The one item not included is a sachet of rat poison that her son put in his mouth at 11 months. That object was flushed down the toilet while mom was in a panic. 

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