Grace Privileges Lead to Grace Duties – S.Ferguson

In Christ Alone - SFergusonAs promised, we post this follow-up to our post last Sunday on the gracious privileges that belong to us as NT believers – privileges of God’s covenant of grace. Continuing to treat the warning passages in Hebrews, Sinclair Ferguson has this to say about the duties that are also ours as members of God’s covenant:

Faith and repentance are not static, the decision of a moment; they are the lifelong realities  of a new heart (8:10; 10:16). Yes, our faith and repentance have a starting point, but it is the beginning of a pilgrimage we share with the community of the new covenant. If we do not walk in faith and repentance, we may be among the visible people of Christ, but we are not a living part of them because we never mix the promise of God with faith (Heb.4:2).

So we already ‘have come to Mount Zion… the heavenly Jerusalem.’ But we have not yet finally entered it. We hear its worship; we experience its power; its light illumines our camping ground (Heb.6:4-5). The doors of the city are never shut (Rev.21:25), but we do not yet dwell inside the city gates. There is a river still to be crossed. God’s covenant faithfulness calls for faith that perseveres to the end.

When we have seen the privileges that are already ours, we have every reason to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and persevere in penitential faith until that which is now ours in part becomes ours in whole and forever.

Taken from In Christ Alone (Kindle ed.)

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