Daniels in Babylon – Facing Evil (again) in 2015

StandardBearerWriting the editorial for the January 1, 2015 issue of The Standard Bearer, Rev.K.Koole ends his “Year in Review, AD 2014” article with these comforting and challenging thoughts:

The handwriting is on the wall [The editor is referencing the increasing intolerance of Christianity and growing persecution of Christians throughout the world, including here in the U.S.].

But let us not forget that what was written on Babylon’s wall was written by the finger of God and foretold the Christ’s coming in judgment on Babylon, that great representative of antichrist’s kingdom in the OT age.

Another great event not foreseen by men.

Babylon, to fall in one day?


And yet it occurred.

And that according to Biblical prophecy.

And Babylon’s fall meant the time for God’s church to return to the promised land had come, there to await the coming Messiah.

Christ’s church delivered and full victory at hand.

Let us as saints and churches not be afraid to stand as Daniels in this present evil age

2014. Year of our Lord. As will be 2015 and those following.

As evil grows, and with it the world’s enmity against the Christian faith, let us not be intimidated, but continue to bear witness to The Truth in love, a love for Christ and what is really true love for our fellow man.

The gospel of this Jesus of Nazareth, God’s Christ, remains this old world’s only hope.

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