PRC Archives – PRTI 30th Convention

On this Thursday we once again introduce you to something from our PRC history. Today’s post relates to a special aspect of our history, that involving our PR Christian schools, and in particular, our PR teachers.

PRTC-30th Booklet-1_Page_1

One of the items we recently found to be a duplicate in the PRC archives was the 30th anniversary booklet of the Protestant Reformed Teachers’ Convention (1955-1984). The “Commemorative Booklet” tells the story of the PR Teachers’ Institute (by Miss Hulda J.Kuiper, who was secretary at the time of the anniversary) and includes a brief history of each of our Christian schools in existence at the time.

PRTC-30th Booklet-2_Page_1

Naturally, the commemorative booklet includes numerous pictures – always a treat. But in the back of the booklet is the real treat, in my estimation. For in a special section with the heading “Glimpses of the Past” are four pages of pictures showing schools, teachers, and students – in a variety of poses and activities – some of which I would love to hear the full story! If you see or remember anything about these people, places, and pleasures, feel free to share in the comment section!

PRTC-30th Booklet-3_Page_1

So today, these four pages are what I post here. Again, the quality of the scanned images is not so great, especially when you start blowing them up (enlarging them, which you can do by clicking on them). But I hope you are still able to make them out well enough to recognize some folks and kids and have your own little journey down memory lane. And, I hope this also serves to stir up our gratitude for the heritage of our PR Christian schools! Enjoy! 🙂

PRTC-30th Booklet-4_Page_1

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  1. I visited Miss Hulda Kuiper today and showed her these pics (but forgot to show her the 4th page.
    Pg. 2 – The three ladies are (L-R) Jessie Dykstra, Agatha Lubbers, and Alice Reitsma. She thinks the top right picture is John Kalsbeek. The piano player is Miss Kuiper herself. The bottom right is Henry Kuiper.
    Pg. 3 – Miss Kuiper said, “Oh goodie!” when I showed her the picture on the top right. This was her 6th grade class in 1953-1954. The four were winners of a history contest on feudalism – (L-R) Nancy Heemstra, Rosamund Doezema, Bonnie Bylsma, and Russ Oosse. I was especially interested in the top left picture. It is hard to make out on the picture. But Miss Kuiper remembered this picture well and says one boy has his tongue out. She identified him as (Prof.) Robert Decker!
    I wish I showed her the last page.


    • Thanks much for this, pastor – what a great idea! Hulda was my 6th grade teacher at Hope and I owe her a lot in terms of learning to study well, discipline, etc. She remains a dear friend and fellow saint. I didn’t know our esteemed professor was so tongue-tied!


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