Of Mice and Men (and a lady too!)

Starting in late Fall and throughout the winter months we discover that the field mice around Seminary enjoy the warmer climes of the inside – as in inside our building!

From time to time the little furry, frenzied freeloaders can be spotted scurrying here and there, but most of their escapades occur during the night watches – when we have no night watchmen!

Which is just fine with our secretary, who shudders at the mere mention of the mousy critters and who begins to shriek when I approach with dangling mouse in hand. Which, I have learned, is very unwise to do. 🙂

In the dark of night, these puny predators have been known to browse the shelves of a certain professor and leave deposits in his coffee cup (Who knows, maybe they are researching Calvin and reading Bavinck! Or rather – and more likely – they like the candy in his office!).

And, they have been known to munch on whatever food remnants they can find, including hot chocolate packages on the counter in the kitchen! Ah, our mice are sweet-toothed marvels! In desperation, even nibbling labels off cans and milk jugs (in the recycle bin in the back furnace room) is not beneath their dignity – or appetite!  The verve! The nerve!

But, thanks to the ingenuity of the standard American mousetrap (4 pack for a buck at the Dollar store), this past week we (well, that would be myself, since no one else around here seems to get excited about catching them!) – we, I say, have caught five (5) of the rambunctious rascals. A thrill to this mighty-mouse Nimrod! Not so to those about me. 😦

For proof of my bravery I present exhibit A (for those with weak stomachs or who are of PETA sympathies, please close this page out now!):

Hickory dickory dock...

Hickory dickory dock…

Mice and men - JSteinbeckO, and my apologies to John Steinbeck for using his classic title for such a minor, menial matter.

So, if you do not care about this mouse story, read his book instead. That would make me happier. 🙂

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