Prayer and Chastisement (2) – H.Hanko

When-You-Pray -HHankoLast Sunday we began to quote from the eleventh chapter of Prof.H.Hanko’s book on prayer, treating the relation between “prayer and chastisement.” We quoted at that time the first connection he makes.

Today we post the other two connections he makes – for the profit of all God’s chastened children and for our growth in the life of prayer.

Second, because it is difficult for us to submit to chastisement, we are very much inclined to quarrel with God. We rebel against his way for us, question his wisdom, complainingly ask why he does these things to us, and criticize him for the sufferings that are our lot. It is often true that in times of chastisement, when God’s hand is heavy on us and our way difficult to walk, we find it excruciatingly hard to pray in humble submission to God’s will. Even when we know we must, to do so humbly and in complete childlike reliance upon our Father in heaven seems to be beyond our spiritual powers.

Third, somewhat paradoxically, we learn to submit to chastisement in the way of prayer. While chastisement sometimes comes because of our failure to pray, and while chastisement can be an occasion for our anger with God and distrust of his purposes, at the same time, chastisement, under its sanctifying power, brings us to our knees, not with grumbling and complaining on our lips, but in willing submission to his will.

When You Pray (RFPA, 2006), p.85.

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