PRC Archives Mystery Photo – A Historic Group

Today for our PRC archives feature we post another picture, since we all love visual objects. And old photos are something special because of the people, places and events they memorialize.

We are going to make this a mystery photo post, though some of you will no doubt nail this down quickly (click on the image to enlarge it).

PRC Archives Pic - 19

This picture was recently given to the archives, and we did discover that we already had it on file. But that doesn’t mean it is not of value to us. Duplicates in some cases are good to have. Sometimes the second copy is better than the first, and so we can replace it with the better one. And sometimes the picture is of special value to someone here, which was the case with this one. Don Doezema’s father is on this picture, and so we were able to give him this extra copy – after scanning and copying it, of course!

But I digress. This is a very significant picture in our PRC history. You need to tell me why. What is this group? And why is it historic? And where is this picture taken? And along with that, you may certainly tell me what men you identify. The photo may go back to the 19?s, but there are still plenty of familiar faces and ties here.

So, go ahead, start browsing and guessing. And next week, D.V. we will provide the answers if you have not gotten them by then.

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  1. Is it the first PRC synod, 1940?


  2. I think it is a picture of the consistory of First PRC from 1924 (?)


  3. I believe this is Old First Church(Yes, I deliberately capitalized Old.) I see Rev. C. Hanko as well as Rev. H. H, Hoeskema. Is this the reconstituted consistory after ’53?


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