Myths About Getting Things Done (2) – M.Perman

Whats Best Next -PermanBefore we move on to other things – and to other content in the new book I have started to read (see my previous post), I share one more myth “about what it means to get things done” from the Preface to Matt Perman’s title What’s Best Next. This is the final myth he treats, and I judge it significant enough to quote today, especially in our age of avoidance of work because of the pursuit of leisure and recreation:

Myth #12: Having to work really hard or even suffer in our work means our priorities are screwed up or we are doing something wrong. I’m not sanctioning the practice of making work an idol to which we sacrifice everything in our lives. Productivity is concerned with all areas of our lives – work, home, community, everything – because all areas of our lives are callings from God.

That said, people who work long hours often take it on the chin too much. The fact that someone is working a lot does not make that person a workaholic. Some people really enjoy their work and want to work a lot. This is not in itself workaholism. Sometimes it is the path God has placed before us. Where do we get the idea that we are exempt from suffering in our work lives?  If we are suffering from and in our work, it does not necessarily mean we are sinning. (See 2 Cor.11:23-29, where Paul even includes all-nighters among his many sufferings.)

Truth: We will (sometimes) suffer from our work, and it is not sin.

In this light, press on in your daily work, hard though it may be! And don’t forget, as Perman also reminds us, this includes our wives and mothers at home, whose work, it seems, never ends 🙂

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  1. Hit another button, again, with this one:
    There is a movement in our society that young people in particular think, and are even being counseled, that work must be ‘fun’. College kids specifically are being told that they should “follow their passion”. As noted in this blog that is a myth, and a dangerous one. It is the core of the emergent church that says “it”, whatever it is, is good if it feels good! Straight from the bowels of hell, it’s destroying our society, and invading the Church.

    ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’ – A quote, not from the Bible, but from Confucius.

    ‘You’ve got to find what you love…. [T]he only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, and don’t settle’. A quote, not from the Bible, but from Steve Jobs in 2005, co founder of Apple computers, who did not get where he was by following his own advice! (ref-

    “No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” A quote, from Jesus!

    Gods promise is He will bless you, and your work, if you work hard at what is place before you! It is Not true that you should decide what ‘feels good’ and you will find fulfillment in doing that.

    You can not follow passion, you LEAD passion!


    • Couldn’t have said it better – thanks, Bill. Great follow-up comments. I hope many see your words.


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