PRC Archives Mystery Photo – A Historic Group: the First PRC Synod, 1940

Last week for our PRC archives post we featured a mystery photo once again, this time of a historic group of men.

PRC Archives Pic - 19

Prof.R.Dykstra left the first comment and asked, “Is it the first PRC synod, 1940?” Others wondered if it was the new Consistory of First PRC in 1924, or the reconstituted Consistory of First PRC after the schism of 1953.

The answer is that this is indeed a picture of the delegates to the first PRC Synod, held at First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI in 1940. You may recall that our churches did not have Synods prior to 1940 but met as “combined consistories” initially (1925 and after) and then held Classis meetings (just one but with men from East and West) when the churches grew sufficient in size. In 1940 the churches were able to conduct her business as a Synod for the first time.

Many of you, no doubt, were able to pick out some familiar faces, especially those belonging to the ministers. But there are also many faces and names you do not recognize, with good reason. To that end we also publish this same picture as it appeared in the 25th anniversary booklet of the PRC (1950, which is why two of the men are noted as deceased), since that includes a directory of the names (click on the image to enlarge it).

1st PRC Synod - 1940

We will leave it at this for this week and look forward to something new next week, D.V.  Don’t forget to keep reading and studying your church history! 🙂

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