Winter Carnival Snow Statues: News from the UP

Votes tallied for Winter Carnival Snow Statues : News :

snow statue judging 2In the middle of a cold, snowy Michigan winter, what can one do? Hunker down and stay inside for three months? Of course not! Get outdoors and enjoy that beautiful snow! Why not have a Winter Carnival and a Snow Statue contest?!

At least that’s what they do in the UP (Upper Penninsula) at Michigan Tech University. The carnival was held this past week and after an all-nighter making their snow creations, the judges came out yesterday to issue their verdicts.

This news item from TV6 carries the story and includes some amazing pictures, including this one. Here’s part of the report; find the rest at the link above.

Hmmm, I wonder what the Seminary students would think of such a contest. Probably best they stick to ping-pong for their daily exercise and entertainment. 🙂

HOUGHTON — While Michigan Tech students were catching up on some sleep after the All-Nighter, judges were out to see the completed statues.

Weeks and weeks of hard work have come to an end. The snow statues are complete and the judges have tallied the votes.

“They are much better than they had been the last few years I think,” said Sandy Graman, spectator. “They’re more detailed and especially with the cold weather last night I wasn’t sure what to expect so they’re fantastic.”

“They’re awesome,” said spectator Linda Lajeunesse. “I’m very impressed. This is the first time in 30 years I’ve gotten out of the house to see the snow statues and it’s gorgeous out here. It’s the first time I remember the sun being out.”

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