PRC Archives: How the Seminary Library Got its Start

Our PRC archive item this week will have to be short and sweet – and not because I don’t have plenty to post! It’s time that is in short supply today.

But the item we post today is exciting! Because it relates to the earliest beginnings of the PRC Seminary library. Recently I found a reference to it in the minutes of the combined Consistories of our denomination (see last week’s post on those minutes). So I looked up the minutes in the archives and found a supplement of the “Report of the Curatorium”, the committee early on in our history charged with oversight of our Theological School.

Here’s what the report said – the first reference to beginning a library:

Some arrangements have been made to begin a school library. The books will be purchased by the faculty. The money for this purpose was given by the Ladies Society of Fuller Ave. [that is, First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI, in the basement of which the PRC Seminary was located for many years].

Yes, that’s it! Not much fanfare; easily overlooked. But significant, nonetheless. For that library, in all its humble origins, modest holdings, and small locations, has served our faculty and students well for 85 years now.

And did you notice where the initial support came from?! Yes, the women of the church. Once again. How many ministries and special projects have not the women of Christ’s church provided for abundantly – out of love for the Lord and His cause?! Today, we thank the Lord for these honorable members of His kingdom. Once again.

And, because we should have at least one picture in this post, I include an image of the inside of a book with the stamp of the original library location and with the stamp of our present location (though it is an older stamp).

O, and by the way, even though the second stamp does not have the mandate “Please Return Promptly”, I hope you will if you ever find a book with our stamp in it. 🙂

Sem library book with old stamp_Page_1

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