The Prayers of J.Calvin (12)

JCalvinPic1We continue on this Sunday night our posts on the prayers of John Calvin (see my previous Sunday posts in Nov./Dec., 2014 and now in Jan./Feb.2015), which follow his lectures on the OT prophecy of Jeremiah. Tonight we post a brief section from his eleventh lecture and the prayer that concludes it.

This lecture covers Jeremiah 3:4-11, which includes this commentary on God’s tender word to His adulterous bride in v.4, “Wilt thou not from this time cry unto me, My father, thou art the guide of my youth?”:

…God mitigates the severity of the reproof which we have observed [see last Sunday’s post], and shews that he would be ready to be reconciled to them, if they repented: nay, he waits not for their repentance, but of his own accord meets and allures these perfidious apostates: ‘What’, says God, ‘shall there be no more any union between us?’ For God expresses here the feeling of one grieving and lamenting, when he saw the people perishing; and he seems anxious, if possible, to restore them.

It is with this design that he asks, ‘Will they not again call on me as their Father and the guide of their youth?’ And by this periphrastic way of speaking, he intimates that he was the husband of that people; for most tender is that love which a youth has for a young virgin in the flower of her age. God, then, makes use now of this comparison, and says, that he still remembered the love which he had manifested towards his people. In short, he shews here that pardon was ready, if the people sought reconciliation (160-61).

And this follows this prayer:

Grant, Almighty God, that since thou hast deigned to adopt us as thy people, and to unite us to thyself in thine only-begotten Son, – O grant, that we may continue pure and chaste in our obedience to thy Gospel, and never turn aside to those corruptions which disunite that sacred bond of union, which has been confirmed between us by the blood of thy Son, but that we may so persevere in serving thee, that our whole life and all our actions may be evidences of that holy calling, by which is laid up for us the hope of eternal salvation, until we shall at length come into the possession of that kingdom which has been obtained for us by so great a price, and there enjoy the fruit of our faith, sincerity, and perseverance, through Christ our Lord.. – Amen (171-72)

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