PRC Archives: Snapshots of the Second YP’s Convention, 1940

Today for our PRC archives post, I am going to keep my comments to a minimum and let the pictures (and their accompanying words) do the talking.

These six (6) images are scanned from the 1940 PR Young People’s Convention booklet (second annual!), sponsored by and held at First PRC, Grand Rapids, MI from August 21-22, under the theme “Christian Attitudes.”

Enjoy! And note how different these early conventions were from those held now. Need I point out they didn’t have (need?) all the “fun”! Speeches and discussion were the focus. Plus, I have thought for some time that those debates ought to be revived. As usual, click on the images to enlarge them.

1940 PRYPs Conv-1_Page_1

1940 PRYPs Conv-2_Page_1

1940 PRYPs Conv-3_Page_1

1940 PRYPs Conv-4_Page_1

1940 PRYPs Conv-5_Page_1

1940 PRYPs Conv-6_Page_1

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  1. I very very much agree with you on the focus of the conventions being too much on the fun!


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