PRC Archives: Classic Sermons by PRC Ministers

I am part of a generation that was blessed in my younger years to hear the preaching of a former generation of PRC ministers.

Herman  VeldmanI well recall listening to and being blessed by the powerful sermons of Rev.Herman Veldman on the Heidelberg Catechism in my home church, Hope PRC in Walker, MI. And along with those sermons, hearing others by Rev. Marinus Schipper, Rev. John Heys, Rev. Cornelius Hanko, Rev. George Lubbers, Rev. George Lanting, Rev. Robert Harbach, Prof. Homer Hoeksema (How I loved his sermons on Isaiah when he came to Hope!). I even have faint memories of Rev. Herman Hoeksema, though I was very young.

Marinus SchipperA few of my oldest children may remember hearing some of these ministers, but my youngest children and many of their generation did not have this privilege.

But did you know that you can still hear some of these sermons? Many are preserved in the PRC archives room on old media – reel-to-reel tapes and cassette tapes – hundreds of them! But some of these have also been converted to mp3 format and are preserved on the PRC website under the audio sermon section (This link will take you to the page where the sermons are organized by speaker. You may search many other ways too from the “front” page of the sermon section).

Today, as part of our PRC archives feature, I point you to these aspect of the preservation of our past, partly because a member of Hope PRC (Aaron Cleveland) recently approached me with some new “old” sermons from Hope’s collection that he has been converting into mp3 format. And when I asked him if he would be willing to convert others from the PRC archives, he graciously consented. About this I am excited – and wanted to share that excitement with you!

This week and last I have added some of these to our website collection. So check this section of our website out and start listening to these “classic PRC sermons.” I think you will feel yourself drawn into a different era of our history, where the sound of the preaching may have been different; but one in which the preaching was solidly biblical and Reformed – as it remains today. Thanks be to God!

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