The Arrival of Spring: “This is Aslan’s doing” – C.S. Lewis

Front CoverAs the sun of God’s Son crosses the vernal equinox later today (a special happy first day of Spring to my wife, Verna!), marking the outset of Spring in the northern hemisphere, I re-post this wonderful piece of text from C.S. Lewis’ classic book, as first posted by Nick Roark on his fine reading blog “Tolle Lege.” You will understand its significance when you have read it.
Have a wonderful first day of Spring! “For, lo, the winter is past…”, Song of Solomon 2:11.

Tolle Lege

“Every moment the patches of green grew bigger and the patches of snow grew smaller. Every moment more and more of the trees shook off their robes of snow. Soon, wherever you looked, instead of white shapes you saw the dark green of firs or the black prickly branches of bare oaks and breeches and elms.

Then the mist turned from white to gold and presently cleared away altogether. Shafts of delicious sunlight struck down onto the forest floor and overhead you could see a blue sky between the treetops.

Soon there were more wonderful things happening. Coming suddenly round a corner into a glade of silver birch trees Edmund saw the ground covered in all directions with little yellow flowers–celandines.

The noise of the water grew louder. Presently they actually crossed a stream. Beyond it they found snowdrops growing.

‘Mind your own business!’ said the dwarf when he saw…

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