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AbeBooks: Riddled with Gilt.

Poems by W.B. YeatsWhile we are thinking about looking back in our posts today, I believe you ought to see some of these gorgeous gilded books from the past.

Abe Books recently did a feature on them, and I reference that here today. The post included “25 shining examples of gilt-decorated books.”

Dunvegan Castle by Harold Steward Rathbone

Here’s a part of their short introduction along with a few of their examples. Follow the link above to browse the others.

Gilding is an age old art which consists of applying gold in powder or thin sheet (gold leaf) form to an object – in this case, a book’s pages or even cover boards.

The gold in gold leaf has typically been mixed or alloyed with other metals such as silver or copper. But there are other options, and not all that glitters is gold. Some cheaper editions simply have gold-colored paint, which can dull quickly, while at the other end of the spectrum are firms like Easton Press, who still accent editions in genuine 22kt gold.

If you ever get the chance to add one to your library, do so. I have a few among my treasures, including one that I keep in my office here. Below is the gilded cover and the inside page with Psalm 23 in special calligraphy.

Song of Syrian Guest-1911

Syrian Guest-inside-Ps23

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