Special Seminary Guests: Heritage CS 4th Graders (Group 2)

As mentioned here last Wednesday, we had our annual 4th-grader visit from Heritage Christian School last week and again today – Miss Van Drunen’s last week and Mrs. Jane Woudenberg’s today.  It was another wonderful group of well-behaved, respectful, and interested students (Did I mention energetic?!).



They listened attentively to Prof.B.Gritters’ talk about the Seminary, followed diligently as he gave them the tour of the main floor (library, classrooms, etc.) and basement (They might let you in on the only Seminary PE class!), willingly joined the students and faculty for devotions (what a sound of singing came out of the chapel room today!), and then happily devoured their snacks as they mingled with the students and professors.


Another blessed and encouraging visit for the Seminary. We thank you too, Mrs.Woudenberg, for taking the time to come see what goes on here and to sow seeds of future ministry in the minds and hearts of some young lads. But besides that, we pray for you and trust you will do the same for us.


Here are a few pictures I took of this 4th grade visit. We hope you children enjoyed this visit too. Together we will say, “Come again!”





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