The 11 greatest children’s books — BBC Culture

BBC – Culture – The 11 greatest children’s books.

Winnie-the-Pooh-AAMilneAs a fitting follow up to the post on the great value and impact of having access to children’s books (whether through a library or parents), we post this brief article on the BBC’s “Culture” section (online) highlighting the best eleven (11) children’s book – in the estimation of some experts.

Most of these classic selections will not surprise you, and that is good. These should be books you have read as a child (and maybe again as an adult), and that you want your child(ren) to read (at an appropriate age and with supervision).

Below is a brief introduction to them; at the BBC link above take the time to browse each book and its description – to bring back memories – and to encourage you to read them to your children or and have them read these great books.

What are the greatest children’s books ever? In search of a collective critical assessment, BBC Culture’s Jane Ciabattari polled dozens of critics around the world, including NPR’s Maureen Corrigan; Nicolette Jones, children’s books editor of the Sunday Times; Nicole Lamy of the Boston Globe; Time magazine’s books editor Lev Grossman; Daniel Hahn, author of the new Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature; and Beirut-based critic Rayyan Al-Shawaf. We asked each to name the best children’s books (for ages 10 and under) ever published in English. The critics named 151. Some of the choices may surprise you. A few books you might think would be contenders to top the poll didn’t even make the top 20. (For a full list of the runners-up visit our Twitter feed @BBC_Culture.) The titles that follow appeared over and again from the critics we polled and will continue to inspire children for many years to come.

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