The April 2015 Issue of the PR Seminary Journal is Now Available!

PRTJ-April-2015Fresh from the printer (yesterday afternoon!) is the latest issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal. The April 2015 issue (vol.48, No.2) is another ‘special” issue in that it contains the text of four speeches given at a PRC officebearers’ conference on preaching held last September (2014) in Illinois (see Prof.R.Cammenga’s editorial notes below). At this conference our three professors gave speeches, as well as missionary-pastor W. Bruinsma (Pittsburgh PR Fellowship) [Click on the image on the right to see all the subjects treated.]

These speeches in print will not only be of interest to and valuable for pastors and elders, but also for Seminary students and for the person “in the pew.” For just as preaching is the chief task of the minister of the Word, so is it the chief means of grace for the people of God (those two points are inseparable). All will benefit from reading these articles.

Besides, there are also two extensive book review articles and five other book reviews in this issue (for more on those, keep reading). I always find these personally edifying.

I include here Prof.R.Cammenga’s “Editor’s Notes” introducing the issue. If you would like to receive this issue, or would like to be added to our mailing list to receive the Journal (free of charge, though donations are always welcome!), contact me here or the Seminary secretary at the information on our Seminary website. Today I will also be posting this issue on our Seminary Journal page (in pdf form – the two other digital versions will appear later).

Here follows Prof.Cammenga’s introduction of the April 2015 issue:

Editor’s Notes

Preaching is fundamental to what the church is called to be and is called to do. It is at the heart of worship. It is the chief means of grace. It is the means for the salvation of the elect, both in the generations of believers and from the nations through missions. It is the means to work faith, to strengthen faith, and to preserve in faith. It is the means for the establishment of the kingdom of heaven and the gathering of her citizens.
Preachers are what we aim to train for the church of Jesus Christ in the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary. We aim to produce pastors who are preachers—chiefly preachers. As preaching is the chief, from a certain point of view the only task of the minister, so does all the instruction in PRTS have as its goal the development of sound, capable preachers of the gospel.

Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America sponsored an officebearers’ conference prior to its September 2014 meeting. The speeches presented at this conference make up the main contents of this issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal. Domestic missionary of the PRCA, the Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, gave the keynote address: “The Minister’s Development of His Preaching after Seminary.” In his speech Rev. Bruinsma not only emphasized the need for the minister’s development as a preacher after graduation from seminary and once in the active ministry, but also gave a number of concrete suggestions with a view to this development. The remaining speeches were given by the faculty of PRTS: “The Elders’ Supervision of the Preaching,” “Developing God-Honoring, Faithful, and Effective Preaching,” and “Application in Preaching.” We hope that our readers, especially ministers and seminary students, will find these articles to be worthwhile.

Besides the conference speeches that have been put into print, readers should take note of the two review articles that are included in this issue. Past issues of PRTJ have contained reviews of the individual volumes of Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English Translation, edited by James T. Dennison, Jr., as they were published. Recently the fourth and last volume of this very worthwhile set was released. With the completion of the set, Rev. Angus Stewart, minister in the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland has submitted a review article. You will definitely want to read what he has to say. Another significant book that has recently been published by B & H Publishing Group (formerly Broadman and Holman Publishers) is entitled Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement: 3 Views. Emeritus Professor of Dogmatics at PRTS, Prof. David Engelsma, offers readers an insightful analysis of this new book. At the same time, his review article is a passionate call to Reformed churches and officebearers to defend the biblical and confessional truth concerning the redemption of the cross of Christ. That cross, an offense and stumbling block to so many today—also in the church—is “the power of God, and the wisdom of God” (1 Corinthians 1:24).

And then there are the book reviews. Notable among recently published books is the publication of The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible. This new study Bible is the first of its kind—a Reformed King James Version study Bible. Up until now Arminians and Dispensationalists have held the field among KJV study Bibles. At long last a King James Version study Bible whose notes and articles are written from a distinctively Reformed perspective. Reformed believers who treasure the King James Version of the Bible—among them the members of the PRCA and her sister churches—should welcome this new study Bible.
Now read and enjoy.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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