Envisioning a Colorado Haven for Readers, Nestled Amid Mountains of Books – NYTimes.com

Envisioning a Colorado Haven for Readers, Nestled Amid Mountains of Books – NYTimes.com.

This sounds like my kind of place. One can only dream. Of such a quiet retreat in the Michigan UP. Far away from lights and life (normal, hustling, bustling life). Surrounded by books and beauty (creation’s). With nothing to do but read and walk. Read and hike. Read and fish. Got the picture?

South Park's Buffalo Peaks Ranch, future home of the Rocky Mountain Land Library's global collection of books on people and the land -- from the Arctic to the African savannas.Sometimes dreams come true. Read about this neat story that appeared April 16, 2015 on the NY Times website. Here’s the first part; find the rest at the link above. Be sure to visit the link in the article itself too. Never give up on your dreams!

SOUTH PARK, Colo. — The project is striking in its ambition: a sprawling research institution situated on a ranch at 10,000 feet above sea level, outfitted with 32,000 volumes, many of them about the Rocky Mountain region, plus artists’ studios, dormitories and a dining hall — a place for academics, birders, hikers and others to study and savor the West.

It is the sort of endeavor undertaken by a deep-pocketed politician or chief executive, perhaps a Bloomberg or a Buffett. But the project, called the Rocky Mountain Land Library, has instead two booksellers as its founders.

For more than 20 years, Jeff Lee, 60, and Ann Martin, 53, have worked at a Denver bookshop, the Tattered Cover, squirreling away their paychecks in the pursuit of a single dream: a rural, live-in library where visitors will be able to connect with two increasingly endangered elements — the printed word and untamed nature.

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