The Reformed American and Rev. Henry Danhof

For our PRC archive item this week we are going back to our “mother church”, the Christian Reformed Church and to a series of articles one of her pastors wrote. The name of that minister was Rev. Henry Danhof. You recognize that name, right? Yes, he was indeed one of the founding fathers of the PRC, along with Rev. Herman Hoeksema and Rev. George Ophoff. And here is the story of his writings that I came across this week.

One of the old publications of a group within the Christian Reformed Church is known as “The Reformed American”. Except that that is the English translation. It was in reality a Dutch periodical, designed especially for those in the CRC who were hanging on to the Dutch language and needed (wanted?!) a publication in the “mother tongue.”

The magazine was titled De Gereformeerde Amerikaan and was published by the Consortium (partnership or association) der Gereformeerde Amerikaan. From the cover posted below you will discern some familiar CRC names – leading professors and ministers at the time (click on the image to enlarge). We have a full set of these in the Seminary library, dating back to 1897! This week while searching for a much-needed copy of a Dutch book among all the Dutch material reserved in the Seminary basement, I found some loose copies of “The Reformed American”, starting with the year 1911 (I just had to scan that back cover too, since the ads are as inviting as the articles. OK, who can tell us about the “Holland Furnace Co.”?).

Reformed American-March-1915-cover

Naturally, I had to browse through them (which is always rewarding in one way or another!), and that’s when I saw the reference to Rev.H.Danhof. In Jaargang XIX (volume 19), dated Maart, 1915 (you can figure that one out!) Rev.H. Danhof began a five-part series of articles under the title “De Zelfbenaming van Christus.” I have scanned the last two pages here for you, with his name at the end.

But now, here is your challenge: what was Rev.Danhof writing about in this series? In other words, give me the meaning (translation) of the title. And beyond that, he has one name of Christ in particular in view – what is that name (See, I even give you a hint!)? And here is another one: that name is found on the pages I post here. Have fun! get out those Dutch dictionaries! Or ask grandpa and grandma! 🙂

Reformed American-March-1915-inside-HDanhofI do have some other questions though: I wonder if these articles have ever been translated. And if so, where might they be? But, regardless, do these early writings give any hints where Rev.Danhof would end up in the common grace controversy in 1924? I’m curious. Are you too?

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  1. I can now notify our readers that Mr.Mark Hoeksema guessed correctly on the translation of the title of Rev.H.Danhof’s article as referred to above. This is what he submitted by way of email:
    “The Dutch title means: The Self-designation of Christ. The name that is implied and that he often used is ‘the Son of man.’”

    Thank you, Mark, for helping us out with our Dutch!


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