The Great Michigan Earthquake of 2015 | Michigan in Pictures

The Great Michigan Earthquake of 2015 | Michigan in Pictures.

You probably heard by now about our little earthquake last Saturday, May 2. I was on the road heading back home from the local hardware store, so I felt and noticed nothing. But when I got home, my youngest son was quite excited to relate to me what he heard and felt!

He said, “I think we just had a small earthquake. There was a loud noise like a helicopter going over the house, and then the whole house shook for a few seconds.” He went outside to see what it might be, but there was no other evidence of it being anything but that.

And within minutes, the social media lit up with the reports of similar experiences. And shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that West Michigan did indeed have an earthquake! And even though it was a minor one, people were caught off-guard and expressed fear. Yes, the acts of God (not “mother nature”) tend to do that. Especially if you do not fear Him with the fear of awe and love.

We are thankful that this earthquake was not more serious and that there appeared to be little if any damage done. O, there were some humorous stories about Michigan’s determination to rebuild because some yard furniture fell over.

But “Michigan in Pictures” did a feature on it this past Monday (use the link above), complete with its own humorous picture. What is interesting is that the blog has links to facts about Michigan’s earthquakes.

So, read on. And live without fear by fearing the One Who ought to be. For His Son is coming too (Matt.24:7). And then the earth will be shaken like never before (Heb.12:26-27). So that a new heaven and earth can be made. In that one righteousness will dwell (2 Pet.3:13).

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