Heathly School Libraries Significantly Impact Student Test Scores

school libraries positively impact student test scores  | Book Patrol.

Now that many colleges, universities, and grad schools have completed another year of educating, with high schools and grade schools right behind, it is a good time to reflect on the role that libraries and librarians play in this teaching/learning process.

“Book Patrol” carried the news of this report on May 15, 2015, including a rather helpful graphic. Once again, the close connection between a healthy library and a healthy education was established.

We certainly understand this connection at the PRC Seminary, something I am personally grateful for. How about you as a parent or educator? Do you support and encourage the role of the library in your child(ren)’s life (lives)? Here’s the lead portion of the online post at “BP”, followed by the graphic.

Well what do you know –  another study, this this time from the South Carolina Association of School Librarians, confirms once again that schools with vibrant libraries and librarians make a difference.  A big difference. Test scores and reading levels are higher and the chance of long-term academic success is greatly improved when a school boasts a healthy library.


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