‘Books Build Children’ Campaign and a Cool Chinese Beach Library| Book Patrol

‘Books Build Children’ | Book Patrol.

This librarian recruitment project is the brainchild of a Japanese advertising agency. This story was featured by “Book Patrol” on May 28, 2015.

Yokohama-City-Board-of-Education-book figures

A rather cool way to recruit librarians, don’t you think?! For more images, visit the link above.

Created earlier this year by DentsuTokyo for the Yokohama City Board of Education, the “Books to build children” ad campaign hopes to recruit librarians to work in elementary school libraries.

Funny how we have to fight tooth and nail to keep our elementary school libraries open while other countries are actually in need of, and desire, real-life school librarians to help spread the joy of reading.

In another post, “Book Patrol” reported on this new library in China – build on the beach (cf. image below)! For more on this one, visit this page. With a view like that, it may be hard to focus on reading! 🙂

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