PRC Archives: Seminary Graduations – Class of 1932

RBarnhill-Synod-2015-2Tonight the graduation program for our lone PRC Seminary graduate this year will be held. Sem. Ryan Barnhill (now Candidate Ryan Barnhill after the successful completion of his examination before the 2015 PRC Synod today) represents the 49th graduating class of our Seminary (Though our first graduating class was in 1929, keep in mind we have not had graduates – and therefore, a graduation – every year).

Here are the details of the graduation notice:

The Seminary graduation program for Cand.R.Barnhill will be held this evening in Faith PRC beginning at 7:30 p.m. Prof.R.Cammenga will deliver the address, “The Minister and His Marriage.” Afterward there will be an open house for Cand.Barnhill and his family in the church fellowship room. All in the area are invited to attend this event. The graduation will also be live-streamed from Faith’s website for the benefit of those who cannot attend.

Last year in connection with our Seminary graduation I showed you a photo of our first graduating class, the Class of 1929. This year I wanted to do the same, so I looked in the photograph cabinet of the PRC archives for other PRC Seminary graduation pictures. There are only two in the folder! So, this year I feature the other one – the Class of 1932.


I realize most of you may not recognize these men, so as part of the PRC archives feature this week, we also give you a list of the first 25 years of Seminary graduates. The entire list is included in our student directory each year, maintained by our secretary, Judi Doezema, whom we thank for maintaining the list.

PRC Graduates, year of graduation, and place of first charge:

Verhil, W. (‘graduated’ 1932)        1927 (first charge)           Hull, IA

Vos, G. (‘graduated’ 1932)             1927 (1st charge) Sioux Center, IA

Cammenga, A.                         1929               Rock Valley, IA

DeJong, J.                                1929                          Doon, IA

Hanko, C.                                1929                            Hull, IA

Kok, B.                                    1929            Grand Rapids, MI

Veldman, R.                            1929                    Waupun, WI

Vermeer, L.                             1929             Pella & Oska., IA

DeBoer, P.                               1932            South Holland, IL

Gritters, M.                              1932                     Holland, MI

Kuiper, H.                               1932                Orange City, IA

VanderBreggen, J.                   1932               Creston, GR, MI

Veldman, H.                            1932                           Pella, IA

Lubbers, G.                             1934                          Doon, IA

Kooistra, J.G.                          1935                Kalamazoo, MI

Petter, A.                                 1935                 Bellflower, CA

DeWolf, H.                              1936                  Hope, GR, MI

Schipper, M.                            1936             Grand Haven, MI

Blankespoor, J.                        1939                Orange City, IA

Doezema, L.                            1939                 Bellflower, CA

Vis, P.                                      1939               Rock Valley, IA

Heys, J.                                   1941                  Hope, GR, MI

Cammenga, S.                         1943                Orange City, IA

Hofman, W.                            1943                     Holland, MI

VanWeelden, J.                       1944              Sioux Center, IA

Howerzyl, J.                            1946                  Oskaloosa, IA

Hoeksema, H.C.                      1947                          Post-grad

Knott, E.                                  1947             Home Missionary

VandenBerg, G.                       1947             Grand Haven, MI

Emanuel, E.                             1953                  Randolph, WI

Harbach, R.                             1953                    Lynden, WA

Koerner, M.                             1953

Lanting, G.                              1953             Grand Haven, MI

McCollum, J.                           1953                     Holland, MI

Hanko, H.                                1955                  Hope, GR, MI

VanBaren, G.                          1956                          Doon, IA

Woudenberg, B.                      1956               Creston, GR, MI

Mulder, A.                               1957                Kalamazoo, MI

Kortering, J.                             1960                            Hull, IA

Engelsma, D.                           1963                  Loveland, CO

Decker, R.                               1965                          Doon, IA

Kuiper, D.H.                            1967                  Randolph, WI

Moore, R.                                1968                        Isabel, SD

Miersma, R.                             1971                        Isabel, SD

Bekkering, W.                         1972                  Randolph, WI

Kamps, M.                               1972                   Redlands, CA

VanOverloop, R.                     1972                  Hope, GR, MI

Hoeksema, M.                         1973                      Forbes, ND

Joostens, M.                            1973            Faith, Jenison, MI

denHartog, A.                          1974                    Wyckoff, NJ

Slopsema, J.                            1974                  Edgerton, MN

And now you have your challenge for the week. Match the name of the five (5) graduates in 1932 with the photo above. I am confident you will be able to get (guess?!) a couple of these men right. 🙂

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  1. H Veldman is the only one I regonize.


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